About the founder

My name is Maria Camila. I'm from Bogotá-Colombia. I'm studying business administration at Fundacion Universitaria Cafam. I´ve been working with logistics companies in the U.S since I was 18 years old then. During my first year of work, I realized that I must improve my English skills, then I went to an English class at Alianza Colombo Inglesa.

Due to my job, I don't have a regular schedule. It is not easy for me to interact with people of my age. That's why I make new friends and do almost everything online. With my job, I've got opportunities to travel to the USA and Europe. I met many Latinx in those countries, most of them were from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. Currently, I am now working in a logistics company trying to use all my knowledge and my personal experience to help people connect people with my beautiful culture.

A friend of mine met her current husband, a man from the US when he was on dating tours to Colombia. After they got married, she immigrated to the US. I go to the US to visit her quite often, and I made friends with many Americans and people from all over the world. Since then I started dreaming about moving to the US one day in the future.

I started thinking about creating a Latin dating app after my friend got married. With the help of all my US friends who develop apps, here comes Latiner - a dating app for Latinos and Hispanics.